How can we help?
Do I have to build it all myself?
This service includes:

  • corporate finance
  • regulatory issues and compliance
  • bonds
  • derivatives
  • offering and listing of securities
  • UCITs and non-UCITs funds
  • financial restructuring
  • project finance
What type of content can I include?
This service includes:

  • choice of corporate form
  • start-up companies
  • corporate governance
  • corporate ownership and management
  • shareholder agreements
  • reorganizations
  • joint ventures
  • drafting shareholder agreements
  • legal expertise of commercial agreements
Do ARQ+ support 3D models?
Our work in this practice area includes:

  • litigation
  • research and legal opinions
  • peaceful settlements
Where will my AR experiences be viewed?
Our work in this practice area includes:

  • tax structures
  • VAT
  • customs and excise duties
  • transfer pricing
  • double taxation treaties
  • capital controls
  • cross-border tax issues