Augmented Reality adds a new feature to this evolutionary appendage totally reimagining the role of the camera on your phone when used in an app as a new remote control for the world connecting you (and your audience if you're a business owner) to the things and places around you.
About us

With ARQ+ you can turn almost anything (print, POS, product, packaging, place) into an interactive delivery channel serving video, animation, games, competitions, additional information, data capture mechanics, social shares and more. ARQ+ adds a new visual dimension to the world seen through your device as a digital discovery channel. Making every touch point an engaging, measurable, accountable and delightful
short-form experience. Welcome to the brave new world of the internet
of every single thing.

ARQ+ uses augmented reality, image-recognition and computer vision technology to convert the real world into a content-rich, interactive experiences. We enable magic and blend new content into the user's real life environment with Augmented Reality (AR) technology. When you try to discover the hidden content built into physical world around you, the App becomes your own AR magnifying glass.

    At ARQ+ our mission has always been to democratise AR and make it meaningful for everyone — big multinationals, small business and most importantly end users of all ages and technical abilities with a smartphone in their pocket and idea in their head. We love a challenge!

    Our mission is to provide the highest quality tools and services for augmented reality and interactive print. We are passionately dedicated to providing the best products, customer service and expertise in the industry. We believe augmented reality has the power to effect change in the way people discover and interact with useful and educational information.

    Our mission
    ARQ+ is an augmented reality platform which provides advanced AR services, such as:
    Cloud-based Augmented
    Reality services
    Custom branded
    Augmented Reality app
    and game development.
    2D and 3D content creation
    What that means is that everything we do is focused on two objectives
    that guide everything we do and every decision we make:

    1. Make the technology work effortlessly for everyone, everywhere
    To deliver the first goal that means making our technology lightning fast, robust, scalable, super simple to use and integrate into existing apps and platforms. It means setting the technology free so it can be used in any app and allowing content creators of all backgrounds and abilities to develop and publish their own AR experiences.
    2. Make the most valued and valuable short-form end user experiences bar none.
    For the second, that means delivering the best tools constantly at the cutting edge to make short form experiences that reimagine what can be accomplished on devices at the most affordable price with tools to track performance.